A Shana Chadasha!

I learned recently that one way Germans greet each other for New Year is by saying “Guten Rutsch!”  Some think that the expression derives from a contraction of the Yiddish or Hebrew, Rosh hashono tov.  In the 18th century Jews would wish their Christian friends a schone chadosche, a way to distinguish how the Jewish versus secular years are called.  See here for some brief etymological speculations.

More recent images from around town:

Berlin 12-15.7I love these elaborate and intense building facades!  Belle Epoque?  Art Nouveau?  Note the two guardian owls at the top.  This building is the Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg.


Berlin 12-15.8That good ole German sense of humor…


Berlin 12-15.9

Berlin 12-15.10Even the Chinese restaurants (and Buddha) love Christmas lights.

Berlin 12-15.13My wife and I chanced to ride by this sculpture on bicycle the other day.  Made by Veryl Goodnight, it was a 1998 gift from the American people to Berlin to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall.  I assume that the five horses jumping over the rubble of the wall symbolize freedom, a trait alluded to by the graffiti on the wall fragments which yearn(ed) for freedom and expression.  Even while standing the Wall had been transformed into a permanent art exhibition protesting political inertia and short-sightedness and looking for transcendence to a new and saner way.

May 2016 be a much better year for all of us!


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